About the Owner

Thank you for visiting us! Take a moment to read the story of the man behind Bulletproof Dog Training and get inspired:

Bill Thomas: Passion, Dedication and a love of dogs

Bill’s service includes U.S. Navy, serving as a Military Working Dog (MWD) Patrol, Narcotic and Bomb Handler, Kennel Master, and Instructor. During his service in the U.S. Navy, he was able to train and certify 256 Military Working Dogs. Since retiring from the service, he has dedicated his life to his passion, training dogs.

Starting with a dog and cat boarding and dog training business and using his entrepreneur skills to grow, with almost 20 years in the Dog Training world. Bill is a serious dog-lover with a remarkable passion, and a serious determination to get the job done.

The Success of Your Dog’s Obedience Training is our Priority.

Bill and his team offer decades of dog training experience to share with you and your dog. Set up a free dog evaluation and we can help you determine the best training path to help your dog become the obedient pet you want him to be.

Quentin Moloney

Quentin Moloney, Owner, Bulletproof Dog Training NC

Quentin has five years of dog training experience. Driven by his compassion for animals, he started as a puppy trainer and built the Puppy Class Program for Bulletproof – Cincinnati. Where he taught Puppy Classes for 2 years before passing the torch to focus on the 15 Days with a Trainer program. He has graduated 300+ dogs. Simultaneously, he aided customers in an extensive number of beginner and advanced level training sessions and assisted the company in training many of the newly hired trainers. In 2022 Quentin branched out to open a new Bulletproof franchise in North Carolina: Bulletproof – Greensboro, NC. Where it is his mission to carry out the knowledge and training he acquired from Bill, the founder of Bulletproof Dog Training. Before Bulletproof, Quentin attended Johnson & Wales University for Culinary Arts & Business Management and he worked as a Dog Trainer at a local retail store. These experiences provided Quentin with a solid foundation for quality expectations, as well as, the safety and sanitation experience to ensure a clean and safe environment for your pup. Quentin will always greet your dog first and won’t hesitate to help any of his customers when asked, he is passionate about what he does and is determined to see the people, and animals, around him succeed.